About Us

We are a company for the outsourcing of HR services, whose identity is founded on offering products that own depth, which is very needed when working with the human side of an organization.

We believe that people are the main competitive advantage for the future. Our sincere desire is to support companies in the development of this side of their competitiveness in order to achieve stable long-term success in the future.

Our identity embodies some main attitudes reflected in our mission and vision. So ‘About Us’ has two main notions – mission is how we define the goal of our existence, and vision is what we do to inspire the future. These are not fictitious statements, but living ideas which are in the core of our work and practical guides about the things we do.

In the creation of our products we are guided by four main distinguishing characteristics that we want to be seen in everything we do.

These characteristics and the values followed by us are defined as the Mark of Futurist. This is not only our trademark but an expression of our authenticity! This authenticity is the one we seek and value – both in our work and as a characteristic of the organizations, the leadership style and the way of communication, because it is the main precondition for creation of truly viable companies whose success extends far into the future.

In short, we offer opportunities for cooperation within the HR field for organizations who share our idea that high work achievement requires high values and attitudes. We believe that the number of authentic leaders will increase more and more. And that’s why we are here – to support them in their efforts and in order to embody their vision for authentic organization in practice.