Our identity has been reflected in the uniqueness of our products. Thus we have created our own trademark which aims to be a true “purple cow” amid the HR services available in the market. The Mark of Futurist embodies four main distinguishing characteristics which can be seen in everything we do.

They are the following:  
  • Depth: We are looking for the depth by working at the most meaningful levels where the change of human thinking and behavior is possible – self-awareness (self-knowledge) and willingness to work. This is a complex process requiring expertise and skills to work with levels of human consciousness not normally reached in  training and workshops conducted through traditional approaches.  
  • Integrity: we find integrity by using a vast range of tools which encompass and consider all components of the company’s HR Policy. The result of such an approach we call “integrity” as this is the very basic condition for building a climate of trust within an organization. People who follow the latest business trends understand and realize more and more clearly that the trust in an organization has a real financial contribution for business success which becomes more visible in times of economic crisis.  
  • Simplicity: we have come to the conclusion that simplicity is the key to putting into practice everything that we already know on the level of the mind. Too much information and too many goals do not help us to put these lessons into practice. So we are focused on a few but considerably important pillars for work with human resources.  
  • Intuitive: we have managed to balance the simplification of our model by using an intuitive approach for each individual assignment. Intuitiveness helps us to present the complex things in a simple manner without sacrificing the content’s completeness. As a result from the whole diversity of knowledge and expertise that we have, we extract out only those that require work for a particular client according to the discussed questions and issues.