Mission & Vision

Our identity has been reflected in our Mission statement which is as follows:

“To support the transformation processes of today’s businesses and other types of organizations. For their values not to be just ordinary statements but real factors leading to a company’s success, creating a real competitive advantage through the people within the organization.”

As our mission is to sow the seeds of the future, we do not expect many clients to ask for our special type of service. Despite the idea that ‘people’ as the main competitive advantage for the future is becoming more popular, many companies around the world and especially in Bulgaria are at the beginning of this transformation of putting people at the centre of corporate policy.   The world of business has been changing and the importance of the values for business success ​​becomes more obvious. Although the process of change is at the very beginning we want to support that process. Because we deeply believe that people are really the main competitive advantage of the future we are confident that the effect of our work will have visible and tangible results.

That is why our vision is: ”To leave a lasting legacy.”

This means that all our work will have specific, tangible and measurable results relating to the various indexes for a company’s welfare and organizational health. We know that such an ambitious goal can only be met through long-term commitment with a high level of mutual comittment  and top management who have authentic leadership skills. We are aware of the reality of Bulgarian business but we dare to look for such clients. This is the goal that inspires us.