HR 7

HR7 is the name for our main product developed as a complex form of long-term HR outsourcing. It consists of seven elements and is based on long-term commitment that will be renewed after every seven months to assess the goals achieved, together with client satisfaction. HR7 is a product that fully reflects our mission and vision. Its purpose is to support the deeper and integral changes in a company regarding human resources. Such changes that can be seen and measured will demonstrate how the idea of people as the main competitive advantage could come alive in practice. Thus we would be content that we would really leave a “lasting legacy.” HR7 is a product that expresses one of the main characteristics of the Mark of Futurist, namely Integrity. This is because implementing a company strategy will comprise all key practical aspects of work within human resources such as recruitment, policies for remuneration, discipline and dismissal and such aspects as soft skills training, developing corporate identity, leadership and management style. Integrity in this sense is very important because it is a guarantee of honesty. No deep or lasting effect can be expected without honesty and internal consistency between the different levels for working with people. Our product HR7 is based on a systematic and consecutive approach, that aims to achieve long-term goals. A long-term commitment is required by a company’s top management in order for HR7 to be implemented effectively within the company and to achieve sustainable results. HR7 consists of the following seven elements:

  1. Organizational Diagnostics;
  2. Organizational Consulting;
  3. Organizational Change Management;
  4. Futurist Workshops: ETHOS and ARETE;
  5. Authentic Communication;
  6. Interdependence Workshops;
  7. Mentoring and Coaching

The change of the corporate culture to put people in its center is a major task requiring serious commitment and cooperation between us and our client. This is really a dynamic process that cannot be given an estimated duration as it will also depend on the size of the company. So we have decided that we will not determine the extent of our cooperation according to the performed activities but with regard to the goals set within the seven-month period. The core of our trade concept is preparing an offer that covers our work for a period of seven months as at the end of this period we will do an analysis in order to see what has been achieved and what lies ahead. If the client is satisfied with the results we could renew the HR outsourcing agreement. The expected deliverable is for the organization to gain and develop its own resources for people management in a brand new way without being subordinated to external sources. This way of pricing will allow our clients to buy a combined product and thus considerably to reduce the costs of the conducted activities because the package price is much lower than the single price per activity.