Authentic Communication

It is only true and deep goodness that can inspire life into communication techniques. Focusing on techniques only reminds of memorizing at school… ” Stephen Covey

Our proposal is for training in soft skills, aiming at building trust, openness and creativity in team interactions. This covers basic knowledge of the theories on human communication, as well as some practical approaches on applying that knowledge in our everyday relations. Our soft skills training focuses on authenticity. As our intention is to work with authentic leaders who want to turn their organizations into authentic organizations, the direct way for achieving this is communication based on authenticity, as it creates trust, openness and connectedness.

Authenticity is the highest level of psychological health, as well as organizational health. The duration of this training is one day, followed up by a minimum of 3 mini-seminars, during which we focus on real work environment cases, so that the new knowledge can be applied. Thus in practice we combine the simplicity of knowledge with the complexity of the intuitive approach in teaching.

After all who we are  is more important than what we say or do. We all know that. There are people whom we trust fully, because we know their character and no matter if they are eloquent or not, whether they are good at communication techniques or not, we simply trust them and get along with them well.” Stephen Covey