Team Building

This is our alternative to the classic team building events. We believe that building well functioning teams is an important prerequisite for employees to give the best of themselvesе therefore it should not focus on the entertaining informal communication outside the office only.

We do not refute the importance of that form of closeness. We simply believe that building a good team implies much more, such as research of team roles, individual differences and compiling a Code of Ethics, which to regulate the team interactions. Although these are more serious ways for achieving team cohesion, there is place in them for fun elements and they can be conducted outside the office given the company’s budget allows that. We called our effective team building seminars “Interdependence”, inspired by Stephen Covey’s book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.  Following the most important achievements in the area of social psychology of small groups, we focused on two basic facts with which to work and thus created our team building brands ‘Interdependence 1’ and ‘Interdependence 2’. The aim of all of our products is to have real impact on team work and leave positive traces. Building of a really effective teams is a much more complex process, which cannot be achieved by participating in two seminars only, however, we believe that working with real teams – up to 12 participants, we would lay the foundations of future independent work on team efficiency and synergy.