Interdependence 1

This is a practical form of work on team building, which is related to clarifying the internal teamwork rules. It seems a little trite and simple, but it is so only at first glance.

The real work with the rules of the team is quite complicated and one team-building event only cannot achieve this goal. However, we dare to put at least the basics of what is of paramount importance to build a good team. This is due to the fact that the rules are the “bricks” which lay the foundations of healthy and effective teams. Rules ensure that rights and obligations of the participants in the team are set – in good and in bad times. And they are most valuable in difficult times. In such cases rules provide a sense of clarity and certainty and help to quickly resolve disagreements, conflicts and difficulties in the work situation.

  • Team rules can be compared to state legislation. Without good laws no country can function well. This is unthinkable. However even with the best laws in place, if not applied, the state will not prosper, it will be affected by internal contradictions and its strength will be weakened. Therefore, for the development of team rules we need lots of wisdom, deliberation and consensus, until we compile the most appropriate rules.

The purpose of this training  “team building” is as follows – allow the team to reach agreement on the most appropriate for their teamwork rules. We have our own method of working that helps via the four qualities of the futurist brand – integrity, depth, intuitiveness and simplicity in creating this kind of “Code of honor” in a soft and yet serious way.