Coaching and Mentoring

These are services aimed at people in key leadership positions who wish to make use of the knowledge and experience in working with people, self knowledge and leadership skills.

The role of the management team is critical for creating organizational health and well being in the organization. Without the commitment from people at the top of the organization, nothing much can be achieved. That is why our objective is to help leaders from different levels in the organization in developing via mentoring soft skills and coaching. This is done with individual meetings that take place weekly and aim at each leader in developing his/her authentic leader’s skills. Business literature abounds in information on the similarities and differences between mentoring and coaching. In our case we combine them. That means that we combine work that helps a leader to find the answers within coaching from elements of training and mentoring in the area of soft skills (communication, stress management, emotional intelligence and others). The final objective is for the manager to develop the effective manager’s qualities that will add to his/her formal channels for influencing others, informal ones for achieving the company’s strategy in practice.

Due to the importance of the organizational change process, we pay great attention to the  work with the managers in our major product – HR7. At the same time we know that this kind of work can be applied independently in organizations, where the other aspects of human resources do not need any special attention. In this case the mentoring in the area of soft skills and coaching for achieving the professional objectives are very suitable forms for outside support of leaders who wish to increase their knowledge and skills in the area of the psychology of human interaction and better self knowledge.