Organizational Diagnosis

As an important element of HR7, our main product, we make an organizational diagnosis at the beginning and at the end of our assignment. In the beginning, we do it in order to assess the practical direction within the company’s current state and to form a solid basis for our forthcoming work. At the end, we do it in order to measure the change achieved within the company as a result of our common work with ‘the change agents’ within the organization.

In the best case scenario, the outcomes from the final diagnosis will show what we call in our vision ‘a lasting legacy’ – a change in the way of working with human resources that is really practical evidence that people are the main competitive advantage for the success of the company in their future.

The organizational diagnosis is appropriate to be applied as a separate unit when the top management and the HR specialists want to view the current state regarding people management in order to support making the most successful management decisions for working with people in the future.

In our work we use standard methods for organizational diagnosis based on interviews and questionnaires regarding the individual needs and the requirements of the particular company with whom we work. There are also new and innovative methods such as ‘organizational diagnostic with the field of knowledge’ (a method developed by us based on systemic organizational constellations).

Along with these subjective indicators for company state diagnosis, we also use objective measuring tools. Such a tool is HC RoI, which supports top management to make well grounded and science-based decisions regarding human resource management.