Organizational Consulting

“The conformity between processes and business goals is critical for organizational success’ (Lynda Gratton).

Organizational consulting comprises all the activities for coordination of HR practices towards a company’s values and strategy. These HR practices include:

  • recruitment of new employees in the company;
  • remuneration and dismissal policies;
  • staff administration which should be as simple and non-bureaucratic as possible.

The goal in all HR practices is to be consistent with the declared values because if there is no integrity between declarations and actions the values have no real grounds to come alive in practice and the company could not be a real example of an authentic organization.

As Lynda Gratton says:

‘Meaning can be created when the managers and leaders talk about the business goals and act in a manner which supports their achievement … In order to gain stable competitive advantage through people an environment that is integrated and coherent is needed, where the processes of remuneration, recruitment and development are combined and the written rules of the game are in harmony with the unwritten ones.’

Organizational consulting is a very crucial element of our main product because it creates a real guarantee for coherence between a company’s written and unwritten rules. It can be applied separately in the case where a company has clarity about its written rules but faces difficulties in making them work in reality.