‘Arete’ means superiority, the ability to live at the maximum of your potential, being the best you can be.

The ‘Arete’ workshops are dedicated to developing creativity and personal potential. The aim is to increase a company’s potential through the creation of preconditions for development of people’s personal potential within the organization. The benefits are as follows: higher creative attitude, innovation, proactivity and initiative – important skills that are key characteristics of people with a main competitive advantage.

In these workshops we work with success and examine it through the question: “Do I reach my full potential?” Success for different people means different things. Usually reaching the peak of personal potential does not mean reaching the peak of personal career development. It is very important for everyone to see what success means in a very personal way. Thus everyone could connect with this level of work that inspires and motivates his/her best work performance. This is a success for everybody – both employees and employers. One of the fundamental values of the most successful companies is ‘Boundarylessness.’ When it is applied in practice, it creates an organizational environment in which people reach their maximum potential. And this is not only individual success, but success for the company as a whole.