This product is intended for PR experts. It is inspired by the idea of what is the true challenge they are facing.

As with all things which we at Futurist find important, here we mean the future of long-term success, building a true image. According to C.Y. Harquail, “Any PR professional knows that his or her #1 job is to craft a strong, positive reputation for the organization…(but) The real challenge of a PR professional is something different. The real challenge is literally to explain how the reputation is real.” And she specifies:

“Any organization’s stakeholders all know that the PR department is out there intentionally trying to make the organization look good. Stakeholders know that the PR professional’s job is to promote desirable images of an organization. And, they know that these desirable images are not necessary real. Thus, the more important job of a PR professional is helping to craft an organizational reputation that is real — a reputation that is coherent, coordinated, and positive, yes, and also — a reputation that directly reflects who the organization really is.”

Here again we talk about an authentic organization and its sustainable development through the PR Department as regards to the positive image to be communicated outside. Our product “PR for authentic organization” (PR fAO), provides exactly that. That is Marketing 03, defined by its founder Philip Kotler as marketing of the future or the era in which real values will be the drivers.

“Consumers more and more are starting to address their concern of the globalizing world and strive to turn it into a better place. They look for companies whose mission, vision and values ​​will satisfy the deepest needs of social, economic and environmental justice. Customers are looking not only at functional and emotional satisfaction, choosing products or services they seek but also for satisfaction of the human spirit.” Philip Kotler

The relationship between an authentic organization, building a true and real image of the organization and the marketing of the future is very visible. It’s called ‘values’. We at “Futurist” are pleased to be working with this particular aspect of organizational health. For this purpose we created not only the ETHOS workshops, the core value of which is the identity of the organization and its spirit but also this product – PR fAO for PR specialists who are ready for the idea of building an image that is true.